Xeda international is a French company with a capitalization of 1.151.182 Euro and incorporated in 1976. Headquarters are at Zone Artisanale la Crau RD 7 13670 SAINT ANDIOL FRANCE.

Xeda offers the most complete and innovative range of post-harvest chemicals. Our products and our technology are patented worldwide.

Xeda manufactures and markets packing machinery, equipment for the individual labelling of fruit and vegetables and chemical application equipment.

Xeda is committed to sustainable agriculture and every year invests approximately 18% of itsturnover in Research & Development and in registrations to bring new and efficient technology and chemicals to the market that respect both people and the environment.

Xeda is also involved in other fields such as pre-harvest chemicals and animal feed and grain store sanitation where the use of natural chemicals such as essential oils that show biocidal, fungicidal, bactericidal and insecticidal properties is exploited.